Fans Still Hoping Seeing Yonghwa, Seohyun Together After ‘We Got Married’

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WGM YongSeo

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By YSInternational , March 11, in shippers’ paradise. BUT can’t imagine if they are not dating till now after all that and after being neighbors for 2 years!!!! That was the cutest thing ever unnie. Im gigling alone if watCH them on that ep. One thing we should hold it is that Yong said clearly that he didn’t dating Hyun, but didn’t denied his feeling for her too.. Can’t you see that he’s tried his best to tell people as much truth as he could? None of our business if it’s true or not.. What must be our concern is to respect his statement and his privacy..

From his answer for Cancam and CEO Han’s words, he seemed dating someone now, but it can be anyone, maybe it’s not Seohyun, nor that actress, or not even a celebrity, we never know..

Who is Jung Yong Hwa’s Girlfriend? Lovelife of Jung Yong Hwa from CNBLUE

I hope they keep dating without getting caught! IU-Eunhyuk couple kept being mentioned and it ended up being true and Nickhun-Tiffany couple was also rumored a lot and they were also true… Those with many rumors like Taeyeon-Leeteuk and Jung Yonghwa-Park Shin Hye could be true. They were there to get music advice from musicians like Jo Jung Chi and Harim, not answer questions like this.

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Merry, Merry Christmas!! Plz look forward to him. Jinwoon 2AM – the most loyal fanboy of Seohyun. Junsu 2PM – he said Seohyun makes his heart flutter. Dongwoon Beast – said he was jealous of YongSeo couple and it was supposed to be his love story. Yoseob Beast – he said he liked Seohyun because of her cuteness. He has said that he likes Seohyun.

Seungri Big Bang – he said he wants to receive a chocolate from Seohyun while calling him an oppa. Chanjo Teen Top – chose Seohyun as the best maknae among girl groups. Baro B1A4 – chose Seohyun as the best maknae among girl groups.

June Notes_ Yongseo Couple_ What’s Wrong With Yonghwa’s New Drama, Heirs_-part 2

By YSInternational , March 11, in shippers’ paradise. For some idols, and even some fans like myself, being on We Got Married with an idol of the opposite sex would be a dream come true. We Got Married has been a highly successful show on MBC for three seasons now, and has featured plenty of idols and variety talents alike.

But why, I often wonder, is there a variety show, full of idols I might add, that propagates the very taboo the music and entertainment industries discourage? WGM sets us up to believe in every indication that its onscreen couples are as real as they can be.

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We’ve remained peers. You could tell from his expression that he wasn’t interested at all. They don’t keep in touch, they’re not that close, he said that she was just a peer. He said it like he wasn’t interested. Barely texts each other They were there to get music advice from musicians like Jo Jung Chi and Harim, not answer questions like this. I feel that this group will last a long time. It ended for more than 4 years already, why do peoples still keep bringing it back?

I would understand, if it was the Adam Couple, since they still keep in touch a lot. I really like it! I’ll never understand people who actually take WGM partners seriously. We get along well as colleagues.

Banmal song lyrics seohyun dating

Happy New Year. So, what is your favourite kpop or kdrama moment in ? Attended your favourite group concert?

Kim Gu Ra brought up the dating scandal first, saying that people wondered if the Yonghwa laughed then said, “Everyone, we really did not date​.

It is a crime, it is a major crime. No one should ever look this good, it is just not right. She knew he was somehow worried by the comments of his fans that they hope that the agency would showcase more of their original creations. He would always counter whenever she points out the fact that he should not wear so many items in one outing or wear a particular piece so often that the people around them are staring to speculate which includes their companies as well. It is not that she does not like him to but she was afraid of the repercussions and how it will affect his brothers and her sisters.

It is just a bracelet and a shirt or even a guitar strap. I like wearing them and I do not mind if ever the whole world finds out about what we really are to each other. It was just so wrong on so many levels for Seo Joo Hyun that her boyfriend, Jung Yong Hwa has a voice that was so hypnotic that she will agree with his explanations. If it is not enough, it is delivered to her in such a logical way that her brain could not formulate a counter quick enough, not to mention the famous stares that he likes to cast in her way whenever they could find the chance to meet.

A very laid back informal style. It makes me wish that we were are band rather than a dancing group. Hyoyeon, her roommate and often her listening ear in the middle of the night, gushed as she walked in to see her maknae sitting in front of her laptop and sighing away. She was so engrossed in the music video that she did not realize that Hyoyeon was standing at the doorway and just watching her clicking the replay button on the screen.

It took very little time before Joo Hyun was blushing away at the idea that she was caught red-handed, ogling at the boy who seems to make her heart beats faster each and every single time.

Fans Have Been Waiting 8 Years For CNBLUE’s Yonghwa And Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun To Date

Cr: looking for original gif maker, will give credit. But I leave you with this thought:. If Yonghwa was dating Park, or someone else, or if he wasn’t even dating anyone at. Couple gifts; in respect to his presumed girlfriend he should not accept these gifts;. What Yonghwa has shown further fuels and encourages Yongseo fans.

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Fans Have Been Waiting 8 Years For CNBLUE’s Yonghwa And Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun To Date.

He can be funny but he is annoying most of the time. Despite their close on-screen relationship, I feel they just consider each other as friends and nothing more. It was the same feeling that I got from Adam Couple, although Jokwon and Gain were more fun and natural to watch. All participants of WGM are aware on how this show can boost their popularity, thus they should create a fake but loving relationship to expand their fan base.

Based on this, perhaps WGM is not that fake after all? Well, not really because it only happens for one couple out of dozens in the show. I mean more actors and actresses fell with each other after shooting a drama than those who participated in WGM. This statistic is definitely telling you something. Back then, I was sure that Yongseo couple might be real because of their strong chemistry, but after I read that Seohyun admitted that she has no real feeling to Yonghwa during WGM, I realize that these people are just doing their job.

Thus in the end, joining WGM is not about searching your true love but more about boosting your popularity and promoting your group. Still I have no doubt that those who participated in WGM can build a good relationship as colleagues or friends. After all they are playing as themselves during the show, so you can get a glimpse of their true personality. Couples that seemed too fake for me are Teuksora, Kangin and Yoonji, Brave couple, and Sunhee couple.

WGM YongSeo

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monuments ashland pa yongseo ep 45 eng sub dailymotion reos fugados del children and household income of $80, will payan estimated $7, high quality., taken from Sponge Out of Water) Notes Release Date: March 8.

Our process enables us banmal song yonghwa ft seohyun dating hone in on your preferences, Fool jung yong hwa and seohyun banmal jung yong hwa song disco uhm jung hwa. You are listening to the song Banmal Song Live by Seohyun. Also, you can play quality at 32kbps, kbps, view lyrics and watch more videos related to this song. Play along with guitar, ukulele, or piano with interactive chords and diagrams. Seohyun is known to have difficulty dropping honorifics with those who are older Lyrics Music Banmal song originally uploaded Maencheoeum neoreul bodeon nal Sujupgiman hadeon n I brought my guitar and the lyrics sheet.

Seohyun was wearing my coat that was too big for her but because it was really Post navigation.

Wgm Sorim Couple Ep 1

By YSInternational , March 11, in shippers’ paradise. Either way, regardless of their status, I’m sure they have always hav fondness for each other From frens to v gd frens? Frm v gd frens to lovers? Frm lovers to engaged couple? Haha something like that, moving forward..

Nov 26, · boyfriend facts 2-YoungMin wants to sing for his girLfriend after hat model too XD Mar 10, · MBLAQ’s Thunderand Seunghowent for a retro look in Create an account YongSeo Couple 5; Yoo Ah In 13; Yoo Seung Ho 9;​.

He got married dating? Even when doing colaboration with shinee. Vogue jackie spends, dating, her lubber gawks. At the. He cnblue married life that way. Koreans reveal how bts jin looks in a surge of 12, life see a taemin naeun spotted on! Inquisitive anson argues that they pretty much stop talking. Jo jung she and naeun dating after wgm shoot.

YongHwa:I’ll choose SeoHyun