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Let it be, let’s go through a new story. I know I’ve started writing after a long time, so it’s quite natural that here you all can see the lack of force. There there

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Well, the plan wouldn’t actually be affected if some extra people came along. In fact, they would be the perfect cover for this job. He looked sideways at Diana. What he had told her was all true. He was just hiding the reason for going to Brazil and this was for her own good. He wouldn’t be able to live if something happened to him. Geoffrey asked for the hundredth time, “But, Keira, how did you know about Kai’s resignation beforehand? He looked at the photographs in front of him. A smiling woman with dark brown, messy hair and a scowling man whom he easily recognised as Hiwatari.

So, the woman must be his wife, he thought.

Beyblade Fanfiction Matchmaking

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They were in Kai’s flat which was adjacent to Tyson’s own. How could you? Here she paused to pick up a red vase which was resting on a simple mahogany table. She threw it at Tyson. Her aim was good but years of training under Kai had made him agile. He dodged it safely. I mean just look at me. I’ll be a standing joke with my colleagues and employers.

Beyblade fanfiction matchmaking. Wakiya x Reader (A BeyBlade Burst Fanfiction)(On hold)

She registered, microchip, I love furry babies because I have a dog that’s gus. I can’t believe ruby was in a bowl when u buyed her or hem. Playing the brand new Mario Kart 8 Deluxe! Hope you enjoyed the episode! Today I let my fans choose my hair color AND cut!! I have been wanting a hair makeover and I thought what better way to have YOU pick!

matchmaking. Wakiya x Reader (A BeyBlade Burst Fanfiction)(On hold). Beyblade fanfiction matchmaking Rating: 7,1/10 reviews.

That damn girl, she was just as fast on her feet as me but she only ran so she didnt notice me. I could see the dining hall ahead of me. I decided to stop and look back through the window. Tala, you crazy bitch, you were watching me! I stopped in my tracks and turned around back to the corridor. I could hear Talas footsteps but I wasnt sure she was close enough for me to get a good look. The moment she did, she was gone. My cloak began to flap around me in small gusts of wind and I looked into the room to find that Tala was back, this time without my cloak.

In the corner of my eye, I could make out the shapes of a couple of guards, but I had no idea what was to become of them. Id walked for almost six minutes with nothing but air in my lungs. It was then that she noticed me and froze in place.

Beyblade fanfiction matchmaking. Kai Hiwatari

Prussia starts up a matchmaking business. A little Hetalia fanfic with Germany, Italy. DeviantArt is the world’s largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art.

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The Rogue Uchiha felt like he was being swallowed by self loathing, the darkness coiling around his heart and mind, chaining him to a fate of death and loneliness. Psychotic Yandere! Naruto x Reader. The bloody painter x Reader lemon. Summary: The reader tries to kill herself after years of trauma. By: Writer-chan

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But like, it sounds bad but if he had realllly bad acne I’d find it a little off putting and like it. The place smelled of torture and hatred. There was a bad feeling about the place.

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Hey there! This is the sequel to my other story Matchmaking. Matchmaking revolved around the Bladebreakers. In case you haven’t read that here’s a small extract to help you understand this story-. Tala, Bryan and Ian were ok. They were leading happy content lives. Tala was a cyborg scientist. He had married last year.

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Diana stood there. There was confusion and worry on her face. Kai looked at his wife and felt a warmth inside him. Diana was wearing a dark blue sweater and trousers. Her black hair was, as usual, in a messy bun. She never tried to look good but to him she always looked beautiful.

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Ashley sighed, “What’s happened to you, gal? You are not paying attention in your favourite subject’s lecture! You haven’t talked much since days! You are never at your house! And have you combed your hair!? In love?

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Darkness 1. They held their kiss for a good 10 seconds before Sting broke away, his smirk still on his face. Prey is needed to survive in the game, both in rogue mode and in Clan cat mode. He had an army at the ready and intended to rule over all of the Midgardians. Once you know, you Newegg!. At night. Dinosaurs 1 Runt is a future omega.

Adventure Romance Fanfiction Wakfu. She was so fond of playing matchmaker, so she sent you and Laxus to the local Haunted house alone. Read and enjoyA Fairy Tail fan fiction. Steve Rogers x Reader

Beyblade fanfiction matchmaking

Contents: Matchmaking Chapter 1, a beyblade fanfic FanFiction. I mean just look at me. I’ll be a standing joke with my colleagues and employers. Hilary had grown slightly taller. Her hair was definitely longer and before being transformed into a bright green it was a shade of dark brown tied in a waist long pony.

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Did you see the new cover? I made it myself : Tell me what you think about it, okay? Because I’m excited about it :. It was nice, I think but just as I was about to upload I thought some thing else was needed. I got these ideas and I sat down and wrote. My eyes are itching and my back is paining and anyway, so I’ll post the Spencer chapter next and here is the Chapter 13, in all its thirteen-ness-. Keira slammed her wine glass on the table, “Geoffrey, I wonder at your inability to find Hiwatari.

He’s not exactly inconspicuous. I demand little payment for the job you ask of me. It is difficult to find the man because he has covered his tracks too well. Geoffrey looked hard at Keira and asked in his smooth, accented voice, “How do you come to know of things nobody is supposed to know? Keira laughed and picked up her wine glass, “You expect me to believe that? Actually, don’t answer that.